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The Harp Consort

Director - Andrew Lawrence-King

The Harp Consort:

stage shows, early music, world music, dance, 

drama, improvisation, chamber music, early opera



​“Concerts with The Harp Consort have the spontaneity of improvised jazz and the perfection of state-of-the-art Early Music… a stupendous mixture of historical accuracy and improvisatory freedom… breaking the concert mould… Music-theatrical fascination… gypsy dances… Spanish Humour… French elegance…  thrilling  … a magical collage of text, sound and dance:  The fabulous Harp Consort”   

Frankfurter Allgemeine Rundschau, ​Neue Presse & Main-Echo

“uniquely expressive and seductive – can ‘cross over’ to a mainstream platform without surrendering or diluting any of its own musical point, purpose or integrity.”     

Gramophone EMQ

“energy, passion and undisguised joie de vivre … imagination, wit and musical sensitivity … charming, effective and utterly attentive playing & direction … an almost unbelievable variety of sonorities and dynamics that range from soothingly whispered arpeggios to hard-hitting percussive chords, from silvery treble to a rich black bass that appears to emerge from the deepest of depths… virtuosic and inspired …  unforgettable”      

Dutch National Radio, Fanfare USA, Oulu Finland,    Cleveland Plain Dealer USA

CDs & Shows here

Favola in Musica:

Apollo, Bacchus & the Birth of Opera

with Marco Beasley

​More about Favola in Musica here




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