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This is the official website for Andrew Lawrence-King,
The Harp Consort & Il Corago.
Opera, orchestral & choral director, specialist in Baroque Gesture & Historical Action, Early Harp virtuoso & continuo-wizard, Andrew Lawrence-King is one of the world's leading performers of Early Music... Read more
"Scintillating Baroque ... Serious Fun." Ever since its debut recordings, Luz y Norte, Exquisite Consorts & Musick's Hand-Maid  in 1994, The Harp Consort has brought together dance-energy, state-of-the-art Historically Informed Performance and stylish improvisation in repertoires from the medieval Play of Daniel Carolan's Harp to Italian Concertos by Bach, Handel & Vivaldi and a Missa Mexicana. More recent projects feature collaborations with such internationally renowned artists as Marco Beasley (tenor) and Xavier Diaz-Latorre (theorbo, baroque guitar)... Read more
IL CORAGO is Andrew Lawrence-King's production company for Historically Informed staging of medieval music-drama and Baroque opera. Projects in 2015 included Ludus Danielis (c1200) at the Galway Early Music Festival, Cavalieri's Anima & Corpo (1600) in Durham Castle's Great Hall, and Purcell's King Arthur (1691) at the Poznan Academy...
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Welcome to our website, we hope you like it. Watch videos, listen to music, read articles, download free posters. We add content each month, so come back and visit again soon!

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In Memoriam 


Pat O’Brien, lute and guitar guru, was also a charismatic influence on the revival of historical harps. In 1986 he contributed to the pioneering Early Harp conference in Basel, and over the next few years taught at the influential Bremen Harps & Lutes events.


Pat was a founder member of The Harp Consort, appearing in many concerts and on the CDs Luz y Norte, Carolan’s Harp and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. With the New York Continuo Collective he facilitated a creative dialogue between harpists, lutenists and singers. He also taught at the Julliard School.


Most of today’s leading early harpists and lutenists benefitted from Pat’s insightful and authoritative teaching. Many of us are privileged to have known him as a friend, a larger-than-life character whose powerful presence we sadly miss, even whilst the inspiration of his work lives on.

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