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Karaoke from Hell

A new way to learn 'early opera'


Stefano Landi 

La Morte d'Orfeo (1619)

edited by Andrew Lawrence-King (2013)
100 Act I Scene i Teti Fato
104 Act I Scene ii Hebro solo
Act I Scene iii Euretti, Aurora, Hebro 
120 Act I CHORUS
201 Act II Scene ii Orfeo solo
202 Act II Scene ii Hebro Orfeo
206 Act II Scene iii Mercurio Orfeo Hebro
213 Act II Scene iv Apolline Orfeo
220 Act II CHORUS 
301 Act III Scene i Bacco Nisa
314 Act III Scene ii CORO DE MENADI Nisa
316 Act III Scene iii Lincastro, Ireno
323 Act III Scene iv Bacco Furore
401 ActIV Scene i Mercurio CORO DI DEI Orfeo, Apolline
406 Act IV Scene ii CORO DE MENADI Furore 
417 Act IV Scene iii Calliope sola 
418 Act IV Scene iv Fileno, Calliope (part one) 
425 Act IV Scene iv Fileno, Calliope (part two) 
432 Act IV CHORUS  
508 Act V Scene ii Mercurio Orfeo Caronte Euridice
(part one)
524 Act V Scene ii Orfeo Caronte (part two)
501 Act V Scene i Orfeo Caronte
527 Act V Scene iii CORO DI PASTORI,
CORO DI DEI, Giove, Fosforo (part one)
538 Act V Scene iii CORO DI PASTORI,
CORO DI DEI (part two)
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