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Andrew Lawrence-King is a qualified Hypnotist.


He continues to study Hypnotism as part of his research into Music & Consciousness, Flow and Early Opera. 


Here are some sources of information on Consciousness, Learning, Hypnotism etc.



Joseph Roach The Player’s Passion: Science of Acting  (1993)                

Historical Action & history of Medicine


Bill O’Hanlon A Guide to Trance Land (2009)              

Gentle intro to Ericksonian hypnosis


Simkins & Simkins Neuro-Hypnosis: Using self-hypnosis (2010)

Gentle, detailed, authoritative guide to self-hypnosis


Richard Nongard Speak Ericksonian (2014)                

Practical guide to Ericksonian hypnosis


Richard Bandler Guide to Trance-formation 2008              

Ruthlessly effective intro to NLP


Michael Yapko Trancework: An introduction to the practice (2012)                

The authoritative guide for practioners of Hypnosis.


Nash & Brewer (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Hypnosis (2008)              

Summary of research, including neuro-science


Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience  (1990)                

Classic introduction to the concept of Flow


Matthew Syed  Bounce (2011)                

Effective Practice


Josh Waitzkin The Art of Learning (2008)

Mind/Body and effective learning


Daniel Coyle The Talent Code  (2009)              

Effective Practice & Myelin

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